Our team will be able to continue to provide our customers with high quality work

A&K Painting Company is an open shop total service commercial and industrial painting contractor headquartered in Charlotte, NC. President Kevin Robbins and 10 members of his team graduated MPI Level 1 and three grads are now enrolled in Level 2.

Robbins notes, “The paint industry faces a serious problem: the workforce is aging and we need to get the next generation up to speed. At A&K Painting we’re committed to training our less experienced staff, but we have limited time and resources. So we looked for a source of formal training in commercial painting and found MPI.

“We enrolled a team of our key personnel and we’re very pleased with the results. MPI Level 1 taught them the theoretical basics of architectural coatings work. Level 2 covers the practical, real-world stuff they deal with every day, with a focus on how to prevent or solve problems before they become costly mistakes; it’s ideal for project managers and field superintendents, even some senior foremen. By mastering this material and getting their MPI-certified credentials, our team will be able to continue to provide our customers with the high quality work A&K is known for. We created a new page on our website to show off our team’s MPI certifications, and look forward to putting more employees into the program in the months ahead.”