MPI Certified Paint Store

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Originally, the quote was attributed to a speech Mr. Mandela made urging students to stay in school. But the truth is, it is a rally call to understand why the pursuit of knowledge is so important, regardless of what stage of life we are in.

Today, the paint industry faces a crisis in the form of an aging brain trust. The majority of the industry’s most experienced individuals are looking towards retirement in the not-too-distant future after starting their careers decades ago, and the majority of youth coming out of school are not typically looking to work in a paint store as a career choice. Competition and consolidation within the industry, as well as constantly evolving technologies and regulations have put additional pressure on the level of expertise required on the street and within stores. Of course there are exceptions and those companies that have continued to invest in long-term strategies to maintain their market position and competitive advantages (including advanced education) are experiencing positive results in customer loyalty and bottom-line results.

The Master Painters Institute, (MPI) provides advanced levels of education for the architectural paint industry. Regardless of the roles people play within the industry, MPI courses are designed to provide students with a higher level of expertise and technical knowledge; which aids in building not only respect, but trust within the business and community at large. Frontline workers that possess superior paint expertise make fewer mistakes, recommend the right product and solution more quickly, and improve their reputation in the marketplace, leading to better pay, employment opportunities and job security.

The MPI Certified Store Program ensures that both corporate and dealer locations as well as their staff are recognized for the expertise they have earned through their education. Regardless of the staff members’ experience level, MPI training programs provide an advanced level of knowledge that will set new standards in customer satisfaction, contributing to a higher level of job satisfaction and self-esteem.


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