Level 2B – Maintenance Painting

Level Two B – Maintenance Painting
(Certification MPI MCS – MPI Maintenance Coating Specialist)

This is the definitive course on maintenance repainting of buildings and commercial/institutional structures, with a focus on how to assure success and avoid costly do-overs. Students will learn how to write basic repaint specs as well as best practices for repainting the 25 most common substrates, including the characteristics of each substrate; how to assess the existing surface condition according to MPI’s five DSD (Degree of Surface Degradation) levels and determine which flaws and defects are present; suitable coatings/systems for each substrate based on what degree of degradation is present; surface preparation practices; and basic quality control techniques. Students who pass this course receive MPI’s Maintenance Coatings Specialist (MCS) certification and are eligible to go on to Level 3 Inspection.

Student Feedback on Level 2

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