How long does it take to test a product?

Each product category has its own set of tests which take various lengths of time to complete. On average, once a product has been sent in and the tests have started it can take at least one month to complete the tests and then send a pass/fail report. There are some tests that take up to 3 months (accelerated weathering and biological testing). You can ask Matt Jocobs for an approximate timeline once your product has been received in the lab.

What does EPR (Environmental Performance Rating) mean?
  1. The MPI EPR rating system uses 4 disciplines to award bonus points to the specific water based categories.
  2. These 4 disciplines are: VOC, Relative Performance of the category, Gloss Level and Appropriate Specified Use.
  3. For example, the High Performance Architectural Latex categories get an automatic 3 bonus points because of the high performance of the specific category. Higher gloss levels also receive a bonus point because of the durability it bestows upon the coating.
What does Erange, RG, L and GPS mean?
  • Erange is the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) ranges that are now identified numerically under the heading of “Erange ”. These ranges are easily converted to a specification. The options now are E3, E2, E1, E0(outside range) or n/a (not available or verified in time for printing). E3 is the lowest VOC range, E2 the next lowest, and E1 the next lowest. Each MPI category has its own specific VOC acceptable range.
  • RG (if it is ticked off in the MPI Approved Products List) meets the regulatory requirements of either the OTC states (or those who have adopted similar levels of VOC) or EC (Environment Canada’s VOC requirements).
  • L (if it is ticked off in the MPI Approved Products List) currently meets LEED for Schools 2009.
  • GPS is the term for the MPI Green Performance Standard. There are two levels GPS 1 and GPS 2. To see a full explanation of the MPI Green Performance standard please go to this URL: http://specifygreen.com/
What happens if my product fails confirmation testing?

If your product fails confirmation testing the manufacturer is given 30 days to provide an explanation and a strategy to comply with the applicable MPI standard. You can re-submit the product for testing at normal confirmation testing costs. If the manufacturer does not respond or non-conformance continues after submitting another sample, the product will be deleted from the MPI Approved Products List.

What is Batch Conformance?
  1. Batch conformance is a test that is done to ensure that the product on site is the same product that was tested and approved for the MPI Approved Products List. It is sometimes required by the US Military and is contained in their specs that it may be called for. In the military instance, it is the responsibility of the contracting officer to request and take the samples of the product on site. One sample is kept by the military and one sample is sent to the KTA Tator lab for confirmation testing. The cost for this testing is the responsibility of the painting contractor and should be included in the bids for military projects. The average cost for this type of test is $600.00.
  2. KTA Tator then completes all the tests required for confirmation testing on the sample sent to them.
  3. If the sample does not pass the tests, the military may require a new batch of paint be delivered to the site at the painting contractor’s cost (the manufacturer may also be held responsible if there is a batch problem).
  4. Complete directions for sending a batch conformance product may be obtained from Matt Jocobs at MPI (matt@mpi.net).
What is biological testing and how long does it take?
  1. This testing is done on most exterior products to test for biological growth resistance to mold and mildew.
  2. This test is only performed on the sample after it has gone through the accelerated weathering test (can last up to 3 – 4 weeks).
  3. The incubation for the biological resistance test is an additional 4 weeks.
What lab does MPI use for performance testing and why?
  1. MPI uses KTA Tator (http://kta.com/paint-coatings-performance-testing/) for their performance testing as they are a highly respected and qualified lab located in a US city that is easily accessible for sending paint samples.
  2. The KTA Tator lab has been accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 (Testing Cert. #2455.01).
What products are used in stain testing?
  1. Coffee – used for the cleansability testing is – Costco – “Kirkland Gourmet Coffee 100% Columbian Coffee” Brand (dark roast fine grind). Mix ratio – one pkg (52 grams single pot serving size) per 1300 ml of tap water. Brewed in a coffee machine (we use a Bunn machine). Temperature for testing must be 70° C plus or minus 2°. We only use coffee that has been brewed for less than 1 hour. No Cream or sugar to be added – black only.
  2. Graphite – graphite powder from Sigma Aldrich – product code 496596 (less than 45 µg)
  3. Nigrosin – Electron Microscopy Sciences – product code 19010
What surfactant is used in the scrub and cleansability tests?


What type of sand is used for testing abrasion resistance in MPI # 27?
  1. The company we ordered the sand from was US Silica Sand Company. The contact info is: US Silica Company, P.O. Box 187, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 Phone 1-800-635-7263 www.u-s-silica.com
  2. The item number and description is ASTM 20/30 un-ground foundry sand. It comes in a 50 pound bag.
What type of sponges are used for the scrub machine?

3M sponges from Grainger, item # 3U163 and the manufacturer code is C31.

MPI member

Can I edit my Member ID and Password

No, you can’t edit it currently. However if you would like to change your member ID and password, please contact us at 1-888-674-8937.

Can I login with my old username and password

Yes, you can still login with your original username and password, it is the right side of the form after you click the “Member Login” on the (home) landing page. This will only be available to you for a period of time. Please create your Member Login as soon as you can.

Can I still renew my Manuals?

Yes, you will see the “Time to Renew?”– CLICK HERE  button on the personal administration page.

This will take you directly to the link for renewal of your manual.

How and where do I become a member and access the Personal Administration Page?

Please click the Member Login button on the landing (home) page. There is the form called “Create Member Account”. After you finish the form, you will access your Personal Administration Page.

Is there a charge to become a member

No, it is free and it is easy to set up it.

My manual has expired. Can I renew it?

Yes, you can contact us via phone # at 1-888-674-8937 or email info@mpi.net for renewal. We will send the renewal link to you.

What are the benefits of the new Member Login?
  1. No waiting for a member ID and password to be sent to
  2. You will be creating your own “easy-to-remember” member ID and
  3. This will make it easier for you to move through the MPI store and checkout much faster and
  4. You will be able to store and edit billing and shipping addresses
  5. You will only need one member ID and password for all your MPI
  6. You will be able to view and track your history of purchases and expiry
  7. There will be a one click, fast process to re-order products when necessary through your administration
  8. You will be able to access all your products through your personal administration page OR directly at the appropriate website URL (e.g. specifypaint.com).
  9. Forgot your password? – NO waiting! – there is a fast and easy password retrieval process.
What happens if I forget my Password?

There is the link for “Forgot password?” within the “Member Login” on the landing pages. Just click on this link.

MPI Training

Are the MPI Accreditations recognized in the Industry?

Yes, MPI accreditation is more and more often being added to specifications as a contractor requirement. Store personnel and other coating representatives are also using the MPI accreditation as

proof of their commitment to quality, coating education and an elevation of the coating industry. MPI Architectural Inspection is also required in many specifications currently.

Can I book training for a group of students?

Yes, we can arrange a volume price (discounts apply) for your group training requirements. Once purchased the assigned group manager can register each of the students which will automatically email them a link to set up their personal login(s) for the training. The group manager will have access to a group manager admin page where they can track the registered students’ progress.

Can I order more than one course at a time?

Yes, there are certain discounted training packages depending on your requirements. You may only take one course at a time and must complete the first level before moving on to the next level. Please visit our store or contact lucy@mpi.net for more details.

How do I become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector?

You must first successfully complete all four courses in the MPI Training Program. Then you must complete the PEKA CHECKLIST to make sure that you meet the required criteria to be able to purchase the Professional Education and Knowledge Appraisal (PEKA), which consists of 5 case studies and a professional interview. The criteria on the checklist is based on Industry experience and education.

If you are successful in the PEKA assessment you will receive the designation Master Paint Quality Assurance (M,PQA) and be listed on our website as an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector.

How do you take the examination?

The examination(s) are online, as per the training. You access the exam via your Member ID and password. The questions are multiple choice, separated by module. You have a set amount of time to complete each module, a countdown is displayed at the top of each page. You have 3 hours overall to complete the examination. Depending on which level you are taking, most people will complete the examination within a couple of hours. The 2nd and 3rd level course exams need to be booked (reserved) as they are proctored via Skype.

How does the Proctored Exam work?

When you begin your Level 2 or 3 course please book your exam shortly after registering. You can do this by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button on the training contents page. This will take you to a booking services where you can choose an available time slot. Either 9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm (pacific time) It is advised to book in advance, before your expiry date. To book you will need to enter your Member ID, Address and Skype ID. You can either add lucy@mpi.net as a contact on your skype or wait for a contact request. You will be called via skype just before your start time, to check your ID and get you set up in the exam via the training page. The proctor will turn off their camera and microphone during the exam, but will be available if you have any difficulties (not to do with answers).

How long will the training take?

For each course you have 90 days to complete the online training and examination. The level 1 Essentials course takes on average 8 hours to read through all of the information, which can be done at your own pace. For example, some students will study for about half 30 minutes a day to fit in with their busy work schedules. The 2nd and 3rd Level courses contain about double the information contained in the 1st level.

I have forgotten my Member ID and cannot access my course, what can I do?

Please contact lucy@mpi.net with any problems you may have accessing the course. She will be able to provide you with the information that you need.

I have taken other coating courses, for example the NACE training, do I still need to take all of the MPI training course or does that count towards it?

All courses in the MPI training program need to be successfully completed before moving on to the next level. The MPI courses cover many other substrates and areas that an Industrial training course will not have covered, so we cannot count other training courses towards the MPI training program.

What accreditations do you received upon successfully completing the courses?

Level 1 – Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology – Architectural Coatings Technologist (ACT)

Level 2a – Architectural Painting – Architectural Coatings Specialist (ACS)

Level 2b – Maintenance Repainting –  Maintenance Coatings Technologist (MCS)

Level 3 – Inspection – Paint Quality Assurance (PQA)

What do I get if I successfully complete the course?

You will get a student “result e-mail” confirming your successful completion; this has a links to downloadable badges for your accreditation that can be used on business cards and letters heads etc.. A hard copy certificate, result letter and badge stickers (for hardhats) will then be mailed out to the postal address that you provided on application.

What format is the training in?

The training courses are online, accessible for 90 days via our website with a Member ID and Password. The courses are separated into modules; for example the Level 1 Essentials course has 8 modules. At the end of each module there is a downloadable Q&A to help you test your knowledge acquired by studying the module. The first 3 courses also have downloadable ‘important notes’ which are a very useful study and recap aid.

What happens if I cannot complete the course and examination within the 90 day time limit?

In special circumstances we can extend the expiry for a further 30 days, contact lucy@mpi.net if this is required.

What happens if I fail the examination?

You have two attempts at taking the online examination, if you do not succeed the first time you can go back and study the area(s) which you feel you may not feel competent in and then retake the examination again (after a 24 hour period of time).

What if I do not know how to use Skype or if it is set up correctly?

You can contact lucy@mpi.net to arrange a skype test before your exam.

What is the MPI Training program?

The MPI Training Program consists of four MPI Courses – as follows:

Will I become an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector after successfully completing the MPI training program?

Completing the training program is the first step to becoming an MPI Certified Architectural Coatings Inspector. Following this you will be sent a checklist (available upon request) which has all of the criteria required to take part in the next step, the Professional Education and Knowledge Assessment (PEKA). If you meet the criteria will you be approved to take part in the PEKA assessment, which consists of 5 inspection case studies and a peer assessment.

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Shopping cart

I can’t find the option for renewal of my subscription in the shopping cart. How can I renew the subscription?

You won’t see the option for renewal in the shopping cart. However, once you set up the Member ID and if your subscription is still active you will see the option to renew on the personal administration page. You will also get reminder email(s) which include a link for renewal. You can also contact us (1-888-674-8937 or info@mpi.net) and we will send the link for your renewal.



Are there any benefits to purchasing a subscription to the online version of the MPI Specification Manuals?

Yes. The online version will have any updates implemented as they happen, whereas the printed version is only updated upon an annual review. The online versions also come complete with the MPI Decision tree tool; a coating specification tool vital for anyone specify products in the coatings industry.   

Can I edit my User ID and Password

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Forgot member information

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How can I renew the subscription?

You will no longer see the option for renewal in the online MPI StoreTo renew a subscription, just click on the ‘Renew Now’ button on the required product in your User Portal. 

How can I tell when the subscription expires and needs to be renewed?

Next to each product in the User Portal it displays the relevant expiry date.  

How do I access the online subscriptions once purchased?

Your online subscriptions will be accessible through your personal ‘User Portal’

How do I access the User Portal?

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How do I subscribe to the Online Specification manuals?

 Simple, just visit the MPI Store and click on online publications.  

How long are the Subscriptions for?

You have the option of purchasing a one year or two-year Subscription to the MPI Online Specifications Manuals.  

How to Find the Painting Systems on the MPI Web Sites?

You need to subscriber the web manuals first. As soon as the subscription is successful, you will automatically get into the web manuals and see all painting systems.

How to Get into the MPI Web Manuals?

You can get into the MPI web manuals after you log in the personal administration pages and select the “Click Here” buttons under the manuals which you subscribed.

Member Login

You can log in either specifypaint.com for manuals subscriptions or mpi.net for the training courses.

Member Set up

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Subscription Renewal

You will get the email reminders three times for the renewal. Please login to the personal administration page by using your member information. You will see the “Renew” buttons on the right side of your products. Please follow the instruction to renew the subscription on the MPI shopping cart. Your information will be automatically updated after the renewal is successful.

What are the MPI Subscriptions?

MPI has 2 online subscriptions to the MPI Specification manuals. These manuals are the more convenient, and accessible, online versions of the widely industry used Printed MPI Specification Manuals.  


What happens if I forget my Password?

Please contact orders@mpi.net if you have any difficulties accessing your User Portal and subscriptions, including forgetting any credentials.  

What is the Personal Administration Page?

The personal administration page is the list of your order’s details including products name, order date, start date, expiry date, and so on. You can log into it from MPI web sites.

What is the User Portal?

The user portal is a place to access all our your MPI Subscriptions and active courses. 

Will I be able to access all of my purchases from the user portal.

All future relevant products that you purchase from the MPI store, using the same email address at checkout, will be added to your User Portal page.